Khristina Williams Is Shining A Light On The WNBA With Girls Talk Sports TV

The landscape of sports journalism is ever changing. Grassroots and individual media outlets have taken the media industry by storm due to mass layoffs and the ability to reach consumers and provide instant access through social media.

For Khristina Williams, being a Black woman attempting to break into major media outlets was a daunting task for the former student-athlete and journalist. Her breakthrough came when she carved out her own niche in the industry by betting on herself and launching Girls Talk Sports TV in 2018, a digital media platform that brings women from the sidelines to the front and center of sports conversation. Girls Talk Sports TV aims to present sports content that is unique, connecting, and engaging for fans (both women and men) directly from their favorite athletes.

“My mission is to give women a voice and visibility in the sports industry,” Williams tells Dime. “I am developing and delivering honest content told by women. A few years ago, when I wanted to get started, no one wanted to give me the opportunity. I saw a lack of representation in terms of women that look like me on the TV screen and on the sidelines. I found it hard to break into the sports broadcasting industry, even with having prior professional reporting experience and a degree in journalism. I was seeking opportunities from all the major media corporations and wasn’t hearing back from them. It was very discouraging.” (READ FULL STORY HERE)