My name is Sharon Brown, and I’m a writer.

Writing has always been something I loved to do. First, it was poetry. A poem I wrote about my deceased cousin was published in a book of poems. I used to have the book but somehow it was misplaced in my move to Memphis.

Writing is my release. Putting words on paper somehow let me somehow escape the pressures of everyday life, even if only for a moment.

Journalism was my first career choice, then I wanted to be an attorney. One stuck and the other one didn’t. I was a journalism student at Lincoln Land Community College in 1994, and the first article I ever had published was about basketball.

I have always loved basketball. I’ve watched guys play at the courts and I played against the guys at Aloe Park in my hometown in Cleveland, MS.

When I moved to Memphis in 2003, I fell in love with the Memphis Grizzlies. I watched the games on TV during the Pyramid days. My love for the Grizzlies inspired me to start All Heart in Hoop City with Aimee Stiegemeyer. All Heart is a unique community of women sports writers that was founded in 2014.

I have had featured articles published with ESPN’s The Undefeated, The New Tri-State Defender Newspaper and Complex plus various other sites.

Currently, I’m a Memphis Grizzlies beat writer for The Memphis Flyer and a contributor at Dime Mag.

My goal for this space is to tell stories beyond sports. My purpose for this site is to feature extraordinary women and highlight women who are making a difference, especially women of color.